Tona Stratus 1.1

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Specifically Designed For Freeride, Freestyle, Boosting, Wave riding And Foiling.
The Stratus is for riders who are looking for one type of kite to cover a wide range of kiteboarding disciplines. It doesn’t matter if you’re out boosting, doing tricks, foiling or wave riding the Stratus excels at whatever you throw at it. It’s a true all-around design. The Stratus excels in a wide range of wind conditions. Being very smooth thru the gusts and having generous de-power.
Here’s what’s new with the Stratus 1.1
The Stratus 1.1 has increased stability due to optimized paneling which creates a stiffer stronger and more responsive kite. The new tapered wingtips give it a cleaner look and a smoother power profile in the air. Profile & bridle tweaks create more power through the kite. The result? The same great Stratus feel, but with more power, better jumping abilities and a refined build.

We have also added a much-requested 9M to the range.

Available Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 

Connect Kite Bar sold separately.


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