Slippas Footstraps

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Slippas – because they’re the most comfortable straps you’ll ever put on your feet!

These all new footstraps from Tona provide a soft EVA cushion under your foot and plush straps that are easily customizable to fit any foot size and shape. Two points of attachment and two points of adjustment provide a solid feel and connection to the board with the ability to cant the angle of the strap to match any shaped foot.

With a huge range of angle placement options, strap adjustments, and build to last, the Tona Slippas offer you the best possible feeling and connection to your board.


Light, Comfy & Adjustable

No matter the occasion, the appropriate choice of footwear in the Caribbean is slippers, or flip flops as some people call them. Simple, reliable, and most of all comfortable. This is what we had in mind when we chose our foot strap system. The clean design incorporates a light weight easily adjustable two-point strap system and a wide range of positions for the angle of your stance.